Paragliding tandem flights

in Miercurea Ciuc and Harghita county area

Autumn and Winter Holidays PROMOTION


All flights will have the price of 200 lei (- 33% discount)


between 01.09.2022-31.12.2022.


Come and fly with us!

Flying places

Sumuleu Ciuc

Main tandem flying place, very close to Miercurea Ciuc.
Altitude gain flight, duration: 15 minutes.

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Izvoru Muresului

Picturesque location near Gheorgheni.
Altitude gain flight, duration: 15 minutes

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Varful Viscol

Highest Peak of the Ciucului Mountains.
Gliding flight with 450 m differential height

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Off-road adventure up to the takeoff in Ghimes Valley area.
Gliding flight with 600 m differential height.

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Useful information

✓ The choosing of the flying place will be 1 day before the reservation, depending on the weather forecast (wind speed and direction).

✓ We recommend wind stopper clothing ( for -10 degrees Celsis lower than the forecasted ground temperature) and sport shoes (preferable high boots). The relative air speed of the glider is approx. 40 km/h and if the relative ground altitude is above 200 m, the temperature drops significantly and the cold sensation is accentuated.

✓ For Sumuleu-Ciuc and the Izvorul Muresului sites, where altitude gain is necessary, it might be possible to wait 1 hour or more for the appropriate flying conditions. This is why, we recommend energy supplies (to bring water and snacks on takeoff).


The basic flight price is 300 Lei.

This price covers the duration/height difference mentioned at “Flying places” and  stabilized gopro filming.


  • for the Nascalat flying place, there is a 100 Lei extra cost for the off-road trip to takeoff.
  • if you don’t want to do a half an hour hike to Viscol Peak, there will be an extra fee for the off-road trip.

Only cash payments accepted, after the flight.

Extra option cross country flight (XC)

If the weather conditions allow and you wish to do a cross country flight (XC), the extra price is 150 Lei/10 km. The kilometers count are calculated with 3 turn points on the xcontest site.

As an example, for the flight from below (very rare, possible only in perfect XC weather conditions), you have to pay 300 Lei (basic price) + 8 x 150 Lei. Of course, the maximum distance will be chosen by you, the most important thing is that you enjoy the aerial experience

See an example track

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Spoken languages: Romanian, English, Hungarian, German.

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